New design handling today's high refuse applications.

1) X-Treme duty chain w/taller and thicker side bars, along with longer pitch for extended service life.
2) Long radius front and rear curved tracks minimize wear, extending track life and reducing chain wear.
3) 10" flights (centered on conveyor chain).
4) Slope angle of refuse section assists in hauling capacity.
5) Rear compartment lock prevents larger material from entering rear of vessel.
6) PEC chromium carbide extended feed lip included on 60" wide vessels.
7) Upgraded thick PEC chromium carbide overlay bolt-in liner.
8) Upgraded partition panels and AR400 submergence plates with increased feed opening.
9) Larger refuse discharge area.
10) Ceramic lined feed manifold with removable lid.
11) Cylinder-acuated grease take-up bearings with extended travel.
12) Increased dia. on take-up and idler shafts.
13) Rigidly supported idler shafts.
14) Additional AR400 wear plates guarding the vessel structure.