Heavy Medium Vessels

With the world’s coal preparation plants handling a higher and higher percentage of refuse, Peters Equipment Heavy Medium Vessels shine with their ability to handle excessive amounts of +1/4” refuse with great efficiency.

Peters Equipment Company takes tremendous pride in producing the most innovative and maintenance friendly Heavy Medium Vessel designs available to fit each customer’s needs. Being THE O.E.M. of the Heavy Medium Vessel for over a quarter century, customers can expect the very best service, technical assistance, and wear components available.

Peters Equipment is the coal industry’s leading producer of H.M. Vessels with in excess of 170 Vessels in operation throughout the United States, Republic of China, Turkey, and the Russian Federation. Coal companies that operate Peters H.M. Vessels include CONSOL ENERGY, PEABODY COAL, MASSEY ENERGY, ARCH COAL, INTERNATIONAL COAL GROUP, TECO, among many other entities.
The Peters Heavy Medium Vessels operate on a simple float-sink principle, which allows for the most efficient means of separation of +1/4” raw coal available. Our largest H.M. Vessels are capable of handling more than 650 ton/hour of Raw Coal, and capable of excavating more than 400 ton/hour of refuse. Other key advantages to the H.M. Vessels include low capital and operating costs, large range of separating gravities, and adaptability to a variety of coal types.